The SA Stage Dancing Society is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting the art of Dance and Performance in South Australia. From our humble beginnings over 45 years ago to the present, the committee is a committed and dedicated group of people who work hard, and freely give up their time to put together quality dance competitions that are a rewarding and enjoyable experience for all concerned.

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The recent competition was very well organised, professionally run and all entrants I saw were of an excellent standard. 3 comments/questions I have are: The adjudicator on Saturday evening made reference to the dancers ‘physiques’ and praised one troupe for their bodies. If this had been a male judge, I’m sure the audience would have found this comment even more disturbing. I, along with a few other parents who were in attendance, still found this comment inappropriate and unnecessary as we thought the dancers were being marked on their performances and choreography, not their body shape. Maybe referring to a dancer’s body in this context isn’t best practice... The second issue I’m not too sure about is the age categories. It was disappointing to see obviously older dancers performing in categories that were not their age group. Is the ‘age’ an average? If so, those who have all entrants adhere to the age category may be at a disadvantage? Lastly, can two studios enter more than one performance in each section? Again, this doesn’t seem to be advantageous to single entrant studios. Overall, the standard was excellent and very enjoyable to witness. Thanks for your time.
Katie Nuttall
Fantastic experience for everyone involved. Professionally run, friendly, enthusiastic, welcoming organizers and volunteers. We have been sponsors of the SASDS for 4 years and have seen it go from strength to strength and can’t wait for next year. Thank you Tammy and your team for a wonderful experience for all competitors, parents, teachers, and audience members alike.
Olivia Giannitto
Katherine Hall
Zoë Komazec
Donna Fey
Chantelle Smeda