Whilst it is preferred that music is provided on a CD, you also have the option to use a device such as iPads/iPhones etc. requiring a 3.55mm stereo input.


Each disc is to be handed to the music operator side stage in a case with a SASDS Label attached. Please ensure this is filled in correctly and affixed to the case of the disc (not the disc itself).
It is important that you test your discs in a variety of CD players to ensure it plays correctly – the stress of no music is the last thing you need once your number has been called. Whilst the side stage team will do everything they can to get your disc to read, there may be times where we aren’t able to make it work.
The CD Label can be either printed and stuck on, or printed on label paper. If you choose to print the label on an adhesive paper, we can recommend the Avery L7162 (16 labels per sheet) brand as they have been formatted specifically for this.





If you are using a device (such as iPhone/Ipad etc.) please ensure each item is in it’s own playlist, you have the device set to airplane mode (no one wants to hear a phone call interrupt your dance) and make sure there is NO security lock requiring a passcode (if your phone screen times out and locks we can’t play your music). Please also remove any cases that will potentially obscure the port for us to plug in the device. Please also ensure your phone is set to the highest volume.


**Subject to 2020 COVID  Safe Plan**