2022 Information 


General Music Info

To help stop the spread of Covid-19 and excessive handling of personal devices and CD’s we will be continuing with the use of  online music uploads for ALL Music in 2022.


We will again be using the MUSIC UPLOADS System. Stay tuned after entries close for more information on when and how to upload your music!



TROUPES will be able to use electronic devices if principals wish.




IF using a device (TROUPES and BackUps ONLY)

If you are using a device (such as iPhone/Ipad etc.) please ensure each item is in it’s own playlist, you have the device set to airplane mode (no one wants to hear a phone call interrupt your dance) and make sure there is NO security lock requiring a passcode (if your phone screen times out and locks we can’t play your music). Please also remove any cases that will potentially obscure the port for us to plug in the device. Please also ensure your phone is set to the highest volume.