The SA Stage Dancing Society (SASDS) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting the art of Dance and Performance in South Australia for the last 50 years!


SASDS is run by a committee of dedicated volunteers who want to work hard for the Dance and Performance community to run a quality dance competition celebrating all genres of dance and performance in a safe, professional and enjoyable environment.


Our charter is to “cultivate, promote and encourage dance; to provide an Eisteddfod where the talents of our many dancers can be showcased and to generally elevate dance as a valuable and positive part of personal and working life, and community lifestyle”.


SASDS is held annually in the first week of the South Australian October school holidays. Performers have the opportunity to showcase their hard work and talent in a friendly and supportive competitive environment. The Eisteddfod is a significant, well-respected event, dedicated to dance and song and dance performances, for approximately 9 days running on average for 12 hours per day. During this time, audiences have the opportunity to enjoy over 2000 dance performances including solos, duo/trio, troupes and our championships.


The 2023 Eisteddfod is being held at Westminster School, Marion SA.  2023 also marks 50 years of the Eisteddfod and we look forward to celebrating the rich history of this much loved event.


A competitor’s age, for competition purposes, is their age as of the 1st of January of the year the Eisteddfod is held. Entry to the Eisteddfod is open to ‘financial members’. Membership is included as part of the Registration fee when completing entries in Stardom.


A professional photographer and professional videographer are in attendance at the Eisteddfod. We are constantly amazed by our incredible performers and look forward to seeing the moments captured on stage.


SASDS is completely ‘not-for-profit’! We therefore are able to offer significant cash prizes and scholarships thanks to our generous partners and sponsors.