South Australia’s Premier Dance Eisteddfod

Mix It Up 2016

Dates –   Saturday 30th April and Sunday 1st May

Venue –  Michael Murray Centre for Performing Arts Westminster School

Panel –   Clancy Sullivan, Tom Handley & Danielle Evrat

Age groups –  Under 10 / Junior Petite    10 & Under 14 / Junior    14 & Over / Senior

Sections –  Jazz    Tap    Classical    Lyrical    Contemporary  Hip Hop

Time limit –  Under 10 – 2 minutes / 10 & Under 14 and 14 & Over – 3 minutes 

Entrance Fee –  $25 per entry

Finals – Top 10 scores from each age group to compete in the final

Prize Money – Top 5 Finalists in each age group to win prize money. 1st prize – $200, 2nd prize – $100, 3rd prize – $75, 4th prize – $50, 5th prize – $25

Rules & Regulations 

  1. Age group of competitor is age on 1st January 2016.
  2. Mix It Up 2015 is open to amateur dancers only. An amateur dancer is classified as a person who does not receive remuneration as a performer or dance teacher.
  3. Entries open via STARDOM on January 31st, at 9am. Entries close when sections are full or on Friday 1st April, 2016, whichever comes first.
  4. Payment by credit card only, via Stardom, and at time of entering.
  5. No refunds or changes permitted if a competitor is entered in the wrong section. Please take care when entering.
  6. Sections are limited to 15 competitors only however this may change depending on the number of entries received.
  7. Top 10 scores in each age group (over all sections) must perform in the final to be held on Sunday 1st May (late afternoon/early evening).
  8. Competitors receiving a top score over more than one section will perform the solo of their highest score.
  9. No refunds unless the section is cancelled by SA Stage Dancing Society Inc.
  10. Program will be forwarded to all competitors as a PDF document prior to the start of competition.
  11. Music, lyrics, costumes and choreography must be age appropriate and the panel is advised to penalise any competitor not adhering to this rule.
  12. No item is to be repeated during the competition unless being performed during the finals.
  13. Music must be supplied and given to the stage manager when competitor is called side stage. A cable connection is provided for devices. CD or iPod is to be clearly labelled with Competitor name, Genre, Dance school, Start on or off stage. CD’S MUST ONLY HAVE ONE ITEM ON THEM.
  14. Time limit is taken from the start of the music track. Any item going over the time limit will be automatically disqualified.
  15. Adjudication will be by a panel and the decisions of the panel are final.
  16. Crit sheets must be collected from the ticket box before the end of the competition otherwise they will be destroyed.
  17. Only competitors allowed backstage. Teachers or parents are not permitted.
  18. Should a competitor leave the stage for any reason, they will be asked to perform again but will receive a score of zero. The stage manager reserves the right to deem the disruption a technical fault in which case the competitor will have the chance to perform the routine again and receive a score.
  19. The panel is not to be approached at any time during the competition.
  20. All competitors must be ready and present to the stage manager prior to their section commencing. If you are not present prior to your section you will be disqualified. Times given for commencing sessions are absolute. Competitors are required to be ready to perform should preceding entrants not appear.
  21. The routine must be danced on the stage provided, no jumping off the stage or audience participation allowed.
  22. Only hand held props will be allowed. These must be signed in with the stage manager. If the prop is not hand held or used during the performance the competitor will be automatically disqualified.
  23. Competitors must register at the ticket box at the commencement of the session.
  24. Competitors must change in allocated dressing room. Public places are not suitable places for competitors to change.
  25. Only competitors, teachers and 1 parent permitted in dressing room.
  26. Dressing rooms are to be kept clean and tidy. Any competitor found to be disrespecting this space will be disqualified.
  27. Do not leave valuables in dressing rooms.
  28. All electronic equipment must be tagged and tested by a qualified electrician.
  29. Absolutely no cameras, video recorders or any other recording device permitted in the performance area or dressing rooms.
  30. All competitors participate at their own risk.
  31. All finalists must make themselves available to compete in the final.
  32. In the event of a tied score, the panel will choose which competitor to dance in the finals.
  33. Protests regarding breach of rules, or panel’s decisions, are to be made in writing within two hours of completion of section and to be accompanied with a deposit of $20 which will be forfeited if protest is not upheld.
  34. Competitors who have been taught, coached or advised by any of the panel, excluding participation in workshops or examinations, in the twelve (12) months prior to the closing of entries will not be eligible to compete in that section.
  35. Competitors are not covered by public liability insurance. All dance schools and parents/carers should ensure that competitors are privately insured for any injury incurred during the competition.
  36. Copyright: The competition is covered by a license from Australian Performing Rights Association for the performance of music during the competition. Competitors are reminded, however, that the making of photocopies or recordings of copyright works may be an infringement of the copyright act. Mix It Up 2016 will not be liable for any copyright infringement. Any mechanical royalties that may be payable for performance of recorded copyright material is the responsibility of the performer.
  37. All attending the competition whether competing, assisting or supporting are expected to behave in a respectful, courteous and supportive manner towards all others. Not doing so will result in the person being requested to leave the competition venue.
  38. Prompting by a teacher, parent or member of the audience is not allowed
  39. Stage manager reserves the right to “vary” any of the above rules.
  40. Mix It Up 2016 reserves the right for management to photograph in and around the venue including on stage performances for the purpose of promoting the competition in current and/or future years. These rules may be subject to change due to the venue or any other factors that require attention.